Get to Know


Patrice “TC” Werner, MNM is the Principal Consultant of Accounting for Mission.  She also coaches clients under the name A Good Quest.

I work with not-for-profit organizations and small businesses to help them manage their finances and data.  I love this work because I believe that when organization’s understand their financials it can be transformational.  Rather than struggling month-to-month to meet payroll and bills, they transform into organization’s that grow and are better able to meet their missions.

While I never actually set out to become a financial management consultant, I became just that — because it seemed that whenever I worked with a not-for-profit organization, whether as a consultant or board member, I kept finding people who felt uncomfortable or ill-at-ease with their finances and business processes — they knew what they were doing to make the world a better place, they were just unsure about how to record that information.  I believe that finances should not be a mystery — they should be easy to understand and maintain — the secret to success is getting them to match what you do on a day-to-day basis.

Key Services

  •  Management Coaching
  • Accounting System Review
  • Policy & Procedure Review
  • Nonprofit Accounting Training
  • QuickBooks Training & Support
  • Peachtree Training & Support
  • GiftWorks Training & Support
  • Data Clean-up Strategies

Professional Experience

Prior to working in the not-for-profit sector I worked for a number of Dun & Bradstreet Corporations in software marketing and technical support and documentation-creation positions.  I slowly discovered the not-for-profit sector as I began to volunteer extensively for local community groups.  In 1995 I helped found a food bank in Arapahoe County which led me to find work in the sector.  I became the Executive Director of the Glendale Family Resource Center.  What I thought was going to be an “easy” job turned out to be one of the most challenging I ever had — managing a low-budget nonprofit was much difficult than managing a million-dollar corporate budget!  This experience led me to get my Masters in Nonprofit Management because I was sure that I was doing something wrong — but I wasn’t — the job really was just that more difficult!  After obtaining my Masters I went to work for the Community Resource Center (CRC) as a Capacity Building consultant and Grant Guide editor.  When CRC obtained a grant from the Microsoft Corporation to support nonprofit technology I became the Director of NPower Colorado.  I was also an Interim Co-Director and the Director of Operations before leaving to consult directly with not-for-profits and small businesses.

Volunteer Experience

Founding Board Member Oasis Computer Software Group, Habitat for Humanity, Founding Board Member Covenant Cupboard Food Bank, Board Member CCSD Community Assets Project, Board Member Palos Verdes Civic Association, Committee Chair Cherry Creek Schools PTCO, Troop Leader Girl Scouts – Mile High Council, Area Manager 9 Cares Colorado Shares, Founding Board Chair & Treasurer Family Resource Center Association,  Board Member Four Mile Family Resource Center, Organizer Our3 Nonprofit Conference, National Philanthropy Day in Colorado Committee Member, Board Member Denver Urban Ministries.

Educational Background

I graduated from Fairfield University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and a minor in Quantitative Analysis (Cum Laude, May 1980).  I was awarded the Richard B. Curtis Award for Outstanding Achievement in Management, May 1980.  I received my Masters of Nonprofit Management from Regis University in 2002.  This December I will graduate from the International Coach Academy as a Certified Professional Coach.

Because everyone asks… About my Name

My name is Patrice Werner but I go by the nickname “TC.”   I know your next question — how do you get “TC” from Patrice — it goes back to when I was learning to say my name as a baby and I could not pronounce the “P” in Patrice — I called myself Trice (Tree sea) which over time shortened to TC.